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Energy partners - RapidGaz


Due to very restrictive legislation in certain municipalities, it is practically impossible to set up propane tank filling stations affordably. Due to high demand, this led to an exchange system for propane tanks in the late 1990s.

Taking advantage of an expanding market, National Propane inc. and Gestion Rainville inc. worked together to found RapidGaz in 1998. The goal was to diversify operations during the summer season, which is generally slower in the propane industry. RapidGaz specializes in the recycling and distribution of exchangeable barbecue tanks.
The company acquired many existing networks and it has a modern, high performance plant that processes the tanks. Today, RapidGaz is the biggest exchangeable propane tank distribution network in Quebec and it distributes in the eastern part of Canada.
In order to diversify its operations, RapidGaz now offers its commercial customers a lease-purchase service for devices that use propane tanks supplied by the exchange network. Most of these devices are Mosquito Magnets and patio heaters, which make it possible to extend the summer patio season.

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