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job opportunity : Delivery Dispatcher



  • Carry out dispatching of emergency delivery calls;
  • Prepare the routes for the different territories;
  • Communicate effectively with delivery people;
  • Manage driving hours of drivers;
  • Ensure compliance with Bill C-430;
  • Perform the evaluation of delivery frequencies;
  • Deal with impossible deliveries;
  • Analyze the lack of propane;
  • Prioritize calls based on client needs and organizational priorities;
  • Work closely with the dept. from customer service to order taking;
  • Perform other related duties.  


Required qualifications:

  •     DEC in logistics or equivalent;
  •     Have a minimum experience of 4 years in a similar position;
  •     Bilingual;
  •     Have a good knowledge of Google Maps;
  •     Have a good knowledge of transport and GPS software.



  •     Work from Granby Headquarters
  •     Be independent, stress-resistant, meticulous;
  •     Know how to make quality decisions;
  •     Have a good working capacity;
  •     Have a good organization of work;
  •     Available to take certain calls outside of the normal work schedule (8am to 5pm)

Trial period : 3 months

Job Type: Full Time

To apply: send your resume by email: cmatte@gazpropanerainville.com


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