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FAQ - Advantages of being recommended by CAA-Residential


Clients who use a company recommended by CAA-Residential are ensured that the company is inspected and meets all the requirements. The following aspects are carefully verified:

Credibility and competence:
CAA-Residential insures that employees of Gaz Propane Rainville inc. are experienced and competent to conduct their work in good practice at your residence.

Credit check sar conducted to ensure that Gaz Propane Rainville inc. is here to stay.

Reputation among clients:
Our clients receive courtesy calls to ensure that they are satisfied with the service. The degree of satisfaction must be very high in order to meet the criteria required by a CAA-Residential recommendation.

Quality of protection program:
You are also assured that Gaz Propane Rainville inc. has all the necessary insurance to guarantee your security and that we have a good warranty program in case of difficulties.

The quality of work performed by Gaz Propane Rainville inc. employees is scrupulously verified so that you have the best service available and the most precise information possible.

Moreover, if you are CAA member, you will have recourse to a free mediation service in case of litigation through a CAA-recommended company.


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